The Overview :

For any business, generating quality leads and converting them into customers is crucial for growth. An IT services provider had been running a Google AdWords campaign but was struggling to receive reliable leads and the desired volume of conversions. They were eager to identify the steps they could take to improve these aspects of their campaign.

The Challenge:

The IT services provider reached out to our agency for assistance in optimizing their existing Google Ads campaign structure for better conversion results. The company wanted to ensure that their campaign was more effective in generating quality leads and increasing conversions.

Our Solution

Our agency began by analyzing the client's current Google Ads campaign strategy. We then implemented several key optimizations to enhance the campaign's performance

Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)

We restructured the campaign by using SKAGs to improve ad relevance, allowing for more precise targeting and better ad performance.

We crafted compelling ad copy and ensured that each ad was highly relevant to its corresponding keywords, resulting in higher click-through rates and improved Quality Scores.

Gaaga Process Img 2

Our team performed in-depth keyword research and analysis to identify high-performing keywords, refining the campaign's focus for increased effectiveness. Refined Ad

Gaaga Process Img 3

We provided the client with comprehensive and actionable reports, enabling them to understand their campaign performance and make data-driven decisions for continuous optimization.


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The Final Results The optimization of the client's Google Ads campaign strategy led to impressive results:

Lead Conversions

A staggering 604% increase in lead conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of the optimized campaign in generating high-quality leads. Clicks: A 49% increase in clicks, indicating improved ad relevance and higher click-through rates. Cost per Conversion


A remarkable 77% reduction in cost per conversion, allowing the client to generate more leads at a significantly lower cost.

Enhanced Campaign Performance:

Overall, the campaign's performance improved dramatically, leading to a surge in quality leads and conversions for the IT services provider. Our ongoing partnership with the client ensures that their Google Ads campaign remains optimized and continues to generate outstanding results. We provide expert guidance and support as needed, enabling the company to maintain its success and grow in the competitive IT services market.