Overview & Challenge:

We were approached by a technology company aiming to establish an online presence and expand its reach beyond the local area. Despite their strong reputation as a supplier of technological devices, they lacked an online presence, hindering their ability to ship across the state and country.


Our solution involved a comprehensive approach. Firstly, we identified their target audience and created optimized web content to rank higher on search results. We implemented PPC marketing to reach a broader audience at a reasonable cost and encouraged the use of social media platforms to build brand awareness.

Final Results:

After rigorous testing, we launched the new website, resulting in improved search rankings and increased traffic. The marketing campaign showcased deals and promotions, generating consistent leads and positive results. The company's social media profiles gained a significant following and further boosted their online presence. Today, the business is thriving, with orders pouring in from across the state. We continue to monitor and optimize their marketing campaigns to ensure consistent growth and success.