Our client, a well-established medical service provider, faced challenges in expanding their online reach despite a loyal customer base and strong local reputation. Their website's poor performance in search engine rankings led to limited traffic and hindered business growth.


We audited their website and identified low traffic as a primary concern. The content lacked optimization and relevant keywords, contributing to their lower rankings compared to competitors. To address these issues, we devised a comprehensive solution to boost their online presence and enhance lead conversions.


Through thorough analysis, we developed a new keyword strategy aligned with their industry's leading keywords. We created specific landing pages for medical services, integrating organic keywords to improve search engine rankings. Additionally, we rewrote and optimized their website's content to comply with best practices. Our efforts extended to removing duplicate content and creating a new PPC strategy tailored to attract prospective clients. The PPC campaign targeted specific audiences, optimizing lead generation and customer acquisition. We emphasized the importance of continuous adaptation and monitoring to sustain positive outcomes.

Final Results:

The website's overhaul and the implementation of the new keyword strategy resulted in a significant increase in Google rankings. They are now among the top-ranked medical service providers in their local and regional markets. Monthly lead generation doubled with the updated PPC strategy, leading to a 170% rise in permanent client acquisition. The website now experiences higher traffic and engagement, fostering regular inquiries and conversions. Moreover, our strategic approach enabled the company to compete more effectively with competitors, achieving comparable or superior results in lead generation and customer retention. To meet the growing demand, we continually adjust the PPC strategy to ensure sustained success. The client is now well-positioned for future expansion and ongoing business growth.