Final Results

Our client achieved the #1 ad position for their target keywords in their local area, consistently outperforming competitors and gaining visibility in search results. The Google Ads campaign generated an 80% increase in high-quality leads, resulting in a 50% boost in project inquiries and a 30% improvement in conversion rate.

Our client experienced a 45% overall increase in revenue and growth, with a greater market share in their local area.

The average cost-per-lead was reduced by 35%, allowing the company to maximize their ad spend and generate more leads at a lower cost.
Website traffic increased by 40%, driving more potential clients to the company’s services and reinforcing their online presence.

Our team remains dedicated to ensuring our client’’s ongoing success by consistently monitoring and optimizing their Google Ads campaign on a monthly basis. We aim to not only maintain their #1 position but also to stay ahead of competitors by adapting to changes in the market and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Our comprehensive approach focuses on driving revenue growth, increasing leads, and boosting conversions, effectively reinforcing their position as a leading construction service provider in the local market.

In addition to our diligent management of the Google Ads campaign, we are also exploring and implementing other digital marketing strategies, such as SEO and content marketing. These complementary initiatives serve to further enhance the client’s online presence, extend their reach, and fuel long-term growth. By providing a multifaceted marketing solution, we are committed to helping the company sustain its success and strengthen its reputation as an industry leader in their local area.