The Overview:

In the highly competitive world of home services, plumbing companies need an effective digital marketing strategy to stand out and attract new customers. While increasing ad spend can be an effective way to generate more leads, it's crucial to ensure that the cost per lead remains manageable to maintain profitability. One plumbing company faced the challenge of wanting to increase their overall campaign spend on Google Ads while simultaneously lowering their cost per lead. They were willing to invest up to $10,000 per month, but only if they could achieve better results in terms of lead generation and cost efficiency.

The Challenge:

At the onset of our collaboration, with the client, we initially determined their primary objectives for their ad campaign: elevating their monthly ad spend to approximately $10,000 and decreasing their cost per lead. To accomplish these goals, it was essential to devise an all-encompassing strategy that would optimize their Google Ads account, reorganize its configuration, and yield enhanced results in both lead generation and cost per lead efficiency.

Our Solution:

Our first step was to analyze the client's existing Google Ads account to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to optimize their campaigns. We then developed a strategy to restructure the account, focusing on better targeting, more efficient bidding strategies, and improved ad creatives.
We closely monitored the performance of the new campaigns, making adjustments as needed to ensure maximum efficiency and results. By continuously optimizing the campaigns, we were able to ramp up the client's ad spend while simultaneously reducing their cost per lead.