The Overview:

In the highly competitive skincare industry, having an effective online presence is crucial for success. A well-optimized website and targeted marketing campaigns are essential to reach potential customers and generate sales. However, many businesses struggle with efficient ad spend management, leading to a lower return on ad spend (ROAS) and reduced profitability.

The Challenge:

An e-commerce skincare company engaged our services, eager to boost their return on ad spend while concurrently reducing their advertising costs. Their focus was to make their marketing endeavors both cost-effective and profitable. Despite generating sales, the company faced profitability challenges due to excessive ad spend. To achieve profitability, they needed to attain a minimum.


We began by examining the client's ad spend to identify areas of wastage and reduce inefficient spending. We managed to decrease their ad spend by 20% within the first month. Next, we focused on finding innovative ways to increase sales while maintaining the optimal ROAS target.

The Final Results:

Our comprehensive strategy yielded positive and realistic results for the skincare company:

Sales Growth of 32%: Our targeted marketing campaigns and efficient ad spend management led to a significant increase in sales.

ROAS Improvement by 200%: We managed to increase the client’s return on ad spend by 200%, enabling them to reach their desired profitability threshold.

Optimized Marketing Budget: By reducing ad spend and improving ROAS, the skincare company could allocate saved funds for other marketing efforts to further grow their business.

Our client was thoroughly impressed with the outstanding results of their campaign, which exceeded their expectations. As a testament to our successful partnership, we continue to work closely with our client to further boost their business growth and brand awareness. Together, we develop and implement cutting-edge Google Ads and SEO marketing campaigns that consistently drive results and maintain a strong online presence for their brand.